About me

I have received my PhD in Urban and Public Affairs from University of Louisville. I have more 10+ years of experience in the social science research, international development organizations, and nonprofit field. My experience encompasses working on urban planning and policy analysis ranging from community development, strategic planning, disaster management, emergency preparedness, urban resiliency, sustainable development, climate change, and environmental policy. I also have significant experience in research design, qualitative data analysis, survey design, questionnaire design, quantitative analyses, statistic
al analyses, and proposal development. My responsibilities have included proposal development for fundraising, project management, leading nonprofit teams, poverty reduction strategies, monitoring and evaluation, community leadership, conference presentation, dissemination of research, manuscript preparation, report writing, and publications. I have a solid expertise nonprofit management, program evaluation, disaster management, comparative urban development, leadership, and community engagement. I have a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, a Masters in Development Studies, and a PhD in Urban and Public Affairs. My doctoral dissertation was on the differential impacts of disaster on the poor in the Gulf Coast region.

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