Masters in Development Studies

Development and Policy Economics Specialization (2003-2005)

Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dissertation title: An Assessment on Investment Climate of South Asia with special reference to Bangladesh.

Abstract of Dissertation:

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow among developing countries has created much research interest among economists. Consequently, a sizeable empirical literature has grown that focuses on the determinants of FDI to the developing nations. These studies have identified a number of variables, such as infrastructure, trade openness, return on capital, labour cost, political instability, domestic macro policies which attract or deter FDI. Another variable – the domestic investment climate in the recipient countries, which perhaps is the most significant determinant of FDI, has been hitherto excluded in the empirical literature, as reliable and consistent set of quantitative data on investment climate is generally unavailable. This dissertation studied seven countries in South Asia – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, and quantifies the effects of factors that drive the flow of FDI into these countries. This study finds that economic freedom, economic openness, economic prosperity, human capital and incremental lagged changes in FDI significantly increase FDI inflow in the sample countries, while political instability significantly depresses it. These results further our knowledge of the determinants of FDI, which is crucial for devising strategies to promote economic development, a course that holds much at stake not only for South Asia but also for developing countries in general.

Dissertation Supervisor: Dr. Hedayetullah Chowdhury

Selected Courses:

  • Economics of Development
  • Politics and Development
  • Anthropology and Sociology of Development
  • Development Theories and Perspectives
  • Colloquium of Development Politics of Bangladesh
  • Qualitative Research Techniques
  • Quantitative Methods for Development Policy Analysis
  • Development and Policy Economics
  • Macro Economics and Trade Policy
  • Project Planning and Evaluation
  • Trade Theory and Policy Analysis
  • Poverty Concepts Strategic Programming