Professional Experience

August 2009 – Onwards        

Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Hazards Research and Policy Development, University of   Louisville (

  • Contributed to collaborative research teams.
  • Organized Literature for scholarly publications
  • Read and comprehended reports and scientific literature
  • Conducted data analysis and computations
  • Provided data files and hard copy reports and materials to the professor in a timely manner
  • Compiled research reports based upon data results
  • Attended departmental seminars.

 September 2008- June 2009           

Concern Worldwide, Dhaka, Bangladesh (

Knowledge Sharing Officer

  • Developed a central information storage for the organization
  • Supported development of a knowledge seeking and learning culture
  • Updated the knowledge and information management systems on regular basis
  • Ensured the proactive provision of information, knowledge and other resources to learners and users across the organization, to improve the quality and consistency of the country programs
  • Maintained networks and close liaison with all relevant development organizations and government agencies to ensure effective resource sharing and dissemination
  • As a member of the Communications team, worked collaboratively with colleagues to ensure excellence within the organization and ensured best practices are captured, promoted and disseminated.

December 2007- August 2008

Concern Worldwide, Dhaka, Bangladesh (

Documentation Coordinator 

  • Coordinated research application, proposal and review process ensuring completeness and accuracy of all documentation; scheduling meetings, preparing meeting minutes, reporting results; responding to all inquiries regarding status and ensuring prompt follow-up on project commitments.
  • Prepared and composed all budget correspondence
  • Identified issues and opportunities of the projects
  • Composed and prepared letters, correspondence, minutes, and meeting agendas and coordinated mailing and/or distribution.
  • Developed and maintained monthly, quarterly and annual reports, tracking proposals, forecasts, active projects, financial status and outcomes
  • Updated project management information regularly
  • Tracked records of project meetings in order to update project tasks and outcomes into management systems
  • Assisted project staff with research and compilation of data necessary to complete progress and grant reports in a timely manner.
  • Communicated with government officials, NGO networks and stakeholders for conducting mid-term evaluation
  • Provided technical support to project staff
  • Distributed electronic copies and developed training materials for stakeholders
  • Prepared program reports  maintaining deadline from donor
  • Produced program strategic paper and Advocacy position paper
  • Developed annual plan and strategies
  • Analyzed and disseminated data of research and evaluation
  • Evaluated priorities and rank urgency of project activities
  • Specified positive and negative issues affecting the project and planned strategies to overcome.


November 2006– November 2007

Concern Worldwide, Dhaka, Bangladesh (

Monitoring Officer

  • Revised project objective hierarchy and logframe matrix (activities, processes, inputs, outputs, outcomes and long-term impacts);
  • Monitored information needs of project management, implementing partners and primary stakeholders, the cooperating institution and funding agencies;
  • Designed performance questions, key indicators and targets for each project component and for participatory project evaluation and brought consensus on how to record, report and analyses
  • Prepared formats to measure progress of project activities against the logframe of project proposal
  • Reviewed existing social and economic data for the project area to assess if it can provide good baseline data for impact evaluation, and identified gaps to be filled.


March 2005 – July 2006

TwinMos Technologies, Dhaka, Bangladesh (

Project Manager 

  • Oversaw project reports and profitability, forecasts within business area and ensure that financials (reports, plans, spreadsheets) are complete and accurate
  • Planned project activities including determining resource requirements, what and when
  • Supported the contracts office in all levels of contract negotiation
  • Managed of conflicts within the project or between cross functional teams
  • Designed research, prepare questionnaires and other research instruments to conduct interviews, surveys
  • Coordinated data collection process, compilation, analysis and validity testing of data
  • Prepared country briefing reports on over 100 countries spanning from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America

April 2004- February 2005

Unnayan Shamunnay, Dhaka, Bangladesh (

Research Officer 

  • Researched for a project “Making Infrastructure Working for the Poor (MIWP),” funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • Attended meetings, write minutes and reports, communicate to develop information resources
  • Coordinated and networked with social science community and associated bodies on a national and regional scale